What’s in a company name?

I often ponder this. How companies come up with their names and how these link to the services or products they provide? Some are more obvious than others and the more obscure, the more curious I am.  

I’ve often been asked what the relevance of my limited company name is. Why Ayres Consulting? Even more so recently with my rebranding as part of my stepping forward in 2021. Clients and new contacts are intrigued as to the connection. Usually when I’m asked about this, I only make brief reference to the fact it has a family name connection. I’ve never thought to share my real reasons for choosing it.

I was discussing this recently, with my best friend, Angelina, and she challenged me as to why I wasn’t sharing my story more widely, given it’s so integral to my journey and the values that sit behind it.

Most especially that of #Standing TALL – a value that sits at the heart of my business and the work I do with my clients.

Angelina got me thinking. Perhaps this is something to share more widely.

So, for those of you intrigued, here you are.

At the time of setting up my company back in early 2016, my life was all over the place. I was still processing the recent loss of my Mum, redundancy at end of 2015 and all the very recent experiences of an incredible volunteer trip to Nepal. It would be fair to say I was dealing with significant events and emotions.

Early in February 2016, I was offered an IT Consultancy contract role which would involve working in Brussels and required me to start as soon as possible. This felt like an opportunity to good to turn down. Just one problem, I didn’t have my own company to work through. Following advice, I took steps to get a Limited Company set up which included finding a name to operate under.

I had to make a quick decision.

As I considered what I wanted my company and the services I would provide to stand for, the words – integrity – value – professionalism – pride – strength, came to mind. Followed by an image of my Mum. These being some of the values she had lived by and considered important.

I thought about how three years before, she had overcome severe illness. Fighting a rare strain of autoimmune disease, she spent nine months in hospital, with several stays in Intensive Care, several rounds of plasma exchange and a tracheotomy procedure, to name but just a few of the procedures she had over this time. We had the Consultants advise us several times that she probably wouldn’t make it. To witness her struggle through this hideous disease, her remarkable journey to recovery, finding her voice again and to then see her return home nine months later was incredible. To me, she became the epitome of what it means to “Stand TALL” and own your own space in the face of great adversity. This left me in no doubt that I wanted her to be part of the company, to bring her with me and hence, Ayres Consulting Ltd was started.

I come from a legacy of strong women. My mother, Aunt and Grandmother are all testament to this and thankfully have passed this down to me and my Sister, Kate.  Throughout their lives, they have dealt with adversity, great personal challenge, and loss whilst continually showing inner resilience, determination, and strength that, at times, has astounded me. Shining examples of strong, brave women, who I continue to seek my inspiration from and bring into the work I do with my clients.

I am so incredibly proud of my Mum and all that she achieved in her life. I wish she were here today to share in my journey, to see the evolution of my business and how I am living by the same values she chose to live by. I know she, in turn, would be incredibly proud too.

To Christine Ayres, I say thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping shape me into the woman I am today – standing TALL and owning my space!

#StandingTall #ownyourspace