I started my yoga journey about 15 years ago, practicing Hatha yoga in an office meeting room with a wonderful teacher called Sarah. I loved her style.

Showing up with integrity, investing time in each of her student’s development and making it fun.

At the time I simply yoga as an extension of the other activity I did – running, cycling and gym work. Whilst I was aware that yoga was good for the mind, body and soul, I didn’t choose to consider my yoga practice as more than that of physical activity.

I’ve practiced a variety of yoga styles and classes over the years, including Vinyasa, Bikram/hot yoga and Hatha and enjoyed the similarities and nuances of each style.

My desire to understand yoga to a deeper level and to teach, came about when I met the wonderful Gemma Williams of Gem Yoga at a retreat in Devon in 2019. From the moment she started our first early morning session, Gem opened yoga up to me in a whole new way. I felt a connection to yoga in a way I never had before. That finally, someone was explaining it to me on a completely new and deeper level.

It was here I made the decision to sign up Yoga Teacher Training with Gem and from here, my yoga journey has unfolded far beyond what I imagined it would.

I started to approach the mat and see each session as a journey of discovery. Rather than pushing through each asana, having to always be the best of me and pushing my body beyond where it was at that point.

Comparison has been a bad habit of mine over the years. By removing this desire to feed my ego and compete with myself (and others) I have found my practice has improved significantly.

It’s also opened me up to exploring meditation and practicing this on a more regular basis. I now practice almost daily. I’ve realised that without starting my day with mediation, yoga and journaling, I don’t have the right energy, focus and balance to get me through the day.

Yoga, like life and knowing yourself, is a continual journey of discovery. Each visit to the mat offers something new for me to understand about my body, my emotions, my wellbeing and my intentions for the session and the day.

Yoga no longer feels like a nice to do but an intrinsic and essential part of my day. Even when I’m not practicing, I find myself thinking about it and taking learnings from the mat into everyday life and into my coaching and teaching with my clients. I regularly visit the beach and take moments to practice pranayama and mediation to immerse myself into that present moment.

Practicing Yoga fills me with joy and it’s this joy I want to share with my yogis.