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Do you aspire to lead the way, to shine bright and to be the leading light for others?


Are ready to experience a journey of personal transformation and growth, one more powerful than you can imagine.

I am your Luminary Coach.

Are you ready to show the world how

phenomenal you are?

You have the aspiration but find yourself struggling to take that first step. You are in a status quo, stuck and unable to move to the next phase.

You are at a point in your life where you want to achieve more. You are…

  • Looking to elevate your career

  • Aspiring to reach executive level

  • Seeking that next big move

  • Ready to change direction and take ownership of your future


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  • Thrive in your career and life


  • Create greater impact and presence


  • Unleash your inner magic and full potential


  • Discover clarity, purpose and perspective in your career and life


  • Feel empowered to embrace life’s challenges


  • Stand TALL and own your space

Luminary Coaching

”Jo helped me to identify and challenge some of the internal narratives that had been holding me back, providing alternative perspectives that helped me to recognise my strengths and acknowledge my achievements.


There is no doubt in my mind that coaching with Jo has fundamentally transformed how I think about myself and enabled me to move forward in my career with confidence and self-belief.”

– Sue, Business & Enterprise Architect

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Luminary Coaching

YOU are ready to realise your vision, to unleash YOUR full potential and to step forward ever more magnificent.

Working together to illuminate YOUR career and life.

Insights and Inspiration

My Yoga Journey

My Yoga Journey

I started my yoga journey about 15 years ago, practicing Hatha yoga in an office meeting room with a wonderful teacher called Sarah. I loved her style. Showing up with integrity, investing time in each of her student’s development and making it fun. At the time I...

Why Ayres Consulting Ltd and how #standingTALL came to be …

Why Ayres Consulting Ltd and how #standingTALL came to be …

What’s in a company name? I often ponder this. How companies come up with their names and how these link to the services or products they provide? Some are more obvious than others and the more obscure, the more curious I am.   I’ve often been asked what the relevance...

‘In the Swim’ Story

Living close to the beach, I’d been watching the groups of early morning swimmers with great interest for some time. I loved seeing them congregate at their meeting point in their ever more popular DryRobes, and then head off to the beach for their daily dips. I...

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