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Hi there, I’m Jo..

I’m passionate about inspiring women to lead with confidence, to stand tall (in bare feet) and own their space!

❝  In essence, I’m a Life Coach, Mentor, Yoga Teacher and beach girl at heart!  ❞

Jo paddleboarding and loving life!

I love being outdoors – immersing myself in nature. I live close to the beach and never happier than when I’m by, in or on the water! I find the sea so restorative.

When I need to clear my head and recalibrate, I get down to the water and watch the waves. The sea has a great way of reminding us that change is always here, that nothing stays the same and that all we can do is ride the waves.

I’ve recently discovered the amazing rewards of cold-water swimming and share more on this with you on my Features page. I also love to get out on my paddle board or body board.

I just love the way it releases the inner child in me and makes me smile from ear to ear.

What I stand for

I believe in being open and transparent with all my clients, this includes sharing my values; values that are integral to how I show up, how I support my clients and how I live my life.

  • I lead with confidence
  • I serve with integrity and value
  • I show up as my authentic self
  • I inspire through creativity and positivity
  • I stand TALL and own my space
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I did it.


I stepped away from the secure world of IT contracting and took a LEAP of faith to create my Coaching & Yoga business. I did it because I knew it was my calling and my purpose to help others to take their own brave step forward to realise their dreams.


Stepping away from what you know and out of your comfort zone can be a scary prospect, but what comes from doing it, is the greatest sense of liberation, achievement and empowerment. That’s an incredible way to feel and I can help you to get there.

About my team

Creating a website is a process, a journey. One where you want the best team possible with you all the way.

I couldn’t have asked for a better team to help me on my journey.

Special thanks Team Riches, the Dream Team!

Issy Stuart @ SouthCoastScran for bringing out the best of me with your amazing photography.

Linz Riding @ Linz Creates for all your creative talents, insight, guidance and for totally getting me.

Renee Lay @ Relay Business for keeping me organised and calling me out when I need it.

“As women, we are never stronger than when we work together.”